Monday, 14 December 2015

Word web - Exercise

This is my word web I made with Oh Hsen. Our word was exercise. I learnt that words like inactivity and sleep are antonyms for exercise.

My story

This is my story I published on

The wind was howling on a cold winter night. A man walked on the deck of his ship, The Unknown. He looked at the rough waters. The man’s name was Captain Unknown. Captain Unknown was called Unknown because no one has ever seen his face and lived. Another man joined him at the front of the ship. The second man’s name was First Mate Nick Lang. Together without saying a word they both walked into the Captain’s cabin.

“Are you sure about this?” Nick said.

“Yes, I am absolutely sure” replied Captain Unknown.

So all night and all through the next day they wrote on a piece of paper. It was their plan to take over the world. They had to make sure their plan is perfect. When they finished Nick went off to sleep but the Captain secretly wrote a few words on the plan that Nick didn’t know about. The next day Nick woke up. He sat up on his hammock. He didn’t want to do the plan because a lot of people might get hurt . Nick thought about what he was going to do. But Nick was to scared of Captain Unknown and he didn’t want to get kicked off the ship so he didn’t say anything.

It was one month after Captain Unknown and Nick had made the plan. Over that time Nick finally had enough courage to tell the he didn’t want to help the Captain.

“I refuse to kill or hurt innocent people” Nick said back.

Captain Unknown was so angry he punched Nick on the stomach. Nick felt anger building up in him until he got so angry he punched the Captain on the jaw as hard as he could. Plonk. The Captain fell onto the floor, unconscious. Nick was horrified, because he knocked out his boss.

Chapter Two

Two hours later when the Captain woke up, Nick was summoned to the Captain’s cabin. Captain Unknown was inside sitting on five comfortable cushions.

“I will forgive you, but next time you will have to control you anger” the Captain said.

Nick felt relieved as soon as the Captain said those words, but the Captain had a bit some to say,

“Also you have to do exactly as I say or I will kill you”.

Nick then realized that he could no longer disobey Captain Unknown. He could not do what he wanted because the Captain was known to be a ruthless and merciless ruler.

Two days later, the pirates land in the Caribbean. They went ashore pretending to be normal sailors. All of the pirates went to the local tavern as soon as their feet touched the warm, yellow sand. They had plenty of gold from the ships and they had looted over the past month. The only person that didn’t go to the tavern though, was Captain Unknown. He went to a small hut at the back of the town they were in. He got out his blunderbuss and cutlass and opened the door slowly. Inside there were two people, a man and a woman. They looked up as Captain Unknown came in.

“Who are you?” the man asked.

“You don’t need to know that” the Captain replied.

He grabbed both of them roughly and tied them up. Then he quickly took them to his ship and chucked them in the bottom of the ship, near all of the food and supplies. The man and woman’s last name was Lang.

Chapter Three

Back in the tavern Nick was drinking his second tankard of beer. He saw the Captain come in quickly and he sat down on a table in the corner. Nick didn’t trust Captain Unknown and Nick knew that the Captain didn’t trust him. Once they got back on board the ship the Captain went to the front of the ship with him spyglass. He looked for some ships to attack and loot. When the Captain went to the front of the ship though, Nick went all the way to the back of the ship. The next day when Nick woke up he remembered that he had a dream about his parents. Then Nick suddenly realized that his parents lived in the Caribbean. He immediately got up and went out on the deck (He didn’t need to get changed because he slept with his clothes on instead of Pajamas). He jumped down from the ship onto the sand and ran to the place where he thought his parents lived. Nick found a hut and went inside. Inside there were normal things you would expect in a house - Clothes, table, chairs and more. Nick also found some photographs of his parents and him. They weren’t there so Nick returned to the ship, disappointed and confused. He had so many questions. Where are his parents? Why did they leave their house? Why didn’t they tell him they left? Nick decided to go back to sleep and to think about what to do the next day.

A fortnight later they decided to sail to places in the world like New Zealand, England and America to capture the important people there like the Prime Minister’s, Royal Family and President’s. Once they got every really important person on Earth the pirates threatened to kill them if the citizens and people didn’t announce Captain Unknown as King of the world. Very quickly each country agreed to name Captain Unknown as King of the world. Captain Unknown was really happy. For the first month of being King of the world, he was busy ordering people to make something like a massive statue of him that was as big as the Statue of liberty. Soon every big city or small village had a statue of Captain Unknown holding up a massive cutlass instead of a torch.

Chapter Four

But not long (about a month after the Captain took over the world) Captain Unknown became bored. Being a King of the world was boring. He did nothing all day apart from telling people to do something. The people of the world (he called them subjects) often got his orders wrong as well. Once, his subjects forgot to put his head on a statue and everyone laughed. He was so embarrassed. It was on TV and the front page of every newspaper in the world. At least there was something good the Captain thought one day. Nick and the Captain are best mates again. They barely disagree anymore apart from one thing: Nick still wanted to be a ordinary pirate because he missed all of the fun he had when he fought for his life as he and the other pirates raided a ship. One day Nick was called to the throne room.

“What should I do Nick?” the Captain asked.

“What do you mean?” Nick replied.

“I don’t want to rule the world” said Captain Unknown.

“Let’s just go back to our ship and become pirates again” Nick suggested.

“Ok” the Captain agreed. So they left the country they were in. It was called something like Old Zealand the Captain thought. So they had a mostly happy life as pirates because some pirates were caught and hanged. At least the pirates all became rich thanks to some former rich people.


Gears Chart

This is our chart that we made today for our inquiry. We did this so we could know more about gears. My favorite part was when we used the gears.  

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Word Web - Personal

This is my word web. My word was personal. I learnt that words like usual and known are antonyms for personal.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Word Web - Adventure

This is my word web on adventure. I worked with Oh Hsen. We learnt some synonyms for adventure like journey and trip.

Monday, 7 December 2015

9 timetables

This is my 9 timetables work. I worked with AJ. We had to write out the numbers and words of the 9 timetables. 

Factors and Multiples

This is my factors and multiples work. I worked with Ofa and AJ. I learnt what a factor is, and what a multiple is.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Wedge Poster

This is my wedge poster. I made it with Sylis and Fraidoon. We had to include: the pieces of information - what the trade of is, what the machine is used for and how to make work easier.