Tuesday, 28 June 2016

My Speech

This is my speech on why we should think about our jokes. I read my speech to Harry, Latham and Ana.

Why we should think about our jokes?

Jokes can be a excellent source of fun, but do you know what effect it can have on a person? Everyone has probably made a few jokes in their life, some of them harmful and some of them funny. Some people, if they don’t like each other, use jokes to mock people and make fun of them. That is not the right thing to do.  

Lot’s of people dislike jokes because they have been the target of many of them. People who make jokes usually don’t know what effect will happen. Did you know that 72% of people who think that a joke is wrong, still laugh? That is a very bad percentage, no one should laugh if a joke is wrong.

Some of the most harmful jokes are about someone’s mother or family. If you make a joke about someone and they don’t like it, it might start a argument which will probably lead to people getting physical or having a fight. This can lead to a long time of harmful jokes, remarks and violence.

Friendships can be ended suddenly over a single joke, so be careful what you say when you are out and about. Lot’s of people don’t like jokes about them but they just either don’t reply to the jokes or when they do, they reply in a bad way, especially if you are persistent.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Current Events

This is my current events that I finished today. I read this article about a officer who left his loaded gun in a bathroom in the parliament.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Peter Jackson Facts

This is my DLO about Peter Jackson. We had to find five facts about him. Peter Jackson is a famous New Zealand film director.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Novel Study (Deep Ark 6)

For the past week Ms Kirkpatrick's group has been doing novel study. There were three books we could chose from: Hot Money, Deep Ark 6 or Doppelganger. First I did the Hot Money novel study and now I am doing the Deep Ark 6 novel study. This is my first activity (My predictions of the story). 


Thursday, 9 June 2016

Giant Panda Information Report.

This is my information report about giant pandas.

Giant pandas might look tall and threatening, but they are actually gentle and endangered. The pandas are very rare, China used to have a  lot of them but that number is slowly dwindling.

Giant pandas have a white body with black patches. They are quite tall (An adult panda is 60 to 90 cm tall). Giant Pandas are 1 to 2 feet long, they can weigh up to 100 to 115 kgs. Male pandas are bigger than female ones. Giant pandas are massive like the rest of their family (Bears).

Giant Pandas eat bamboo, like all pandas. They need to eat 12 to 38kgs of bamboo every day to meet their energy needs, (Bamboo has very little nutritional value, so the panda’s have to eat lots of it). There isn’t much bamboo for the pandas to eat because people use bamboo to make products that they advertise on TV. Occasionally, pandas will eat other things like small rodents, fish, eggs and other flora (They are omnivores).

Giant pandas are found in lots of different countries, most of them however are found in China. They naturally inhabit the mountain forests of southwestern China. They once lived on flat land but loss of habitat forced them to retreat into the mountains. In the wild, 1,600 giant pandas are left, trying to survive (With another 300 pandas in zoos or breeding centers). Habitat destruction made pandas go into mountains 1,200 to 3,100 meters above the sea level (It has affected them a lot: there home keeps on shrinking) . They have to live in 20,000 square kilometers.

Giant pandas face many threats, the main ones are: Poaching and habitat destruction. Many pandas are basically homeless because of people chopping down bamboo for products like the bamboo pillow and bamboo furniture.

Giant pandas are gentle and endangered. In order for the giant pandas to survive and roam freely, people need to stop destroying their food sources and habitat. They need to find the resources for their products somewhere else. They need to have enough supplies in order for them to live and repopulate.  

Friday, 3 June 2016

Young Author's Challenge

This is my story that I wrote for the Barfoot and Thompson young author's challenge. It could be funny, scary or sad, but it had to have a inspirational message. My message was 'Treat other's how you would like to be treated'.

Mike and the bully

“Wake up Mike, it’s time for school!”. The sound of his mother's voice woke Mike up from his deep slumber.
“Do I have to go?” Mike asked. School meant 6 hours of constant bullying by a kid in his class.
His mother appeared at the doorway “Come on, hurry up and get dressed.”
Half an hour later he started walking along the cracked pavement that led to school. In school, Mike was always mocked by his classmates because he was religious. Every morning and before every meal he prayed. He also brought a mini bible to school. James and his cronies were waiting for him at the entrance, like they always did.
“Hey where's my five dollars you were supposed to give me?” James shouted.
“I’m not giving you anything” Mike replied, bravely standing up to him. Then, he started pelting across the courtyard. He just reached the class a moment before James caught up to him.
After realizing he couldn’t do anything bad with the teacher in the room he whispered in a threatening tone “I’ll get you, you can’t run forever!”

A few months ago James never bullied him, but now he knew that Mike was a Catholic person he did everything he could to make him feel miserable about his life.  Life like that continued for a few more months, then on one normal day a new kid arrived in school. His name was Henry and he was worse than James. He got expelled from his last school because he had lots of fights.

The next day, Mike was walking to school when he saw a strange sight, there was nobody waiting for him at the gates. That day, everyone was saying Henry was going to beat up James, who said nothing. In the playground a huge crowd surrounded two boys and Mike knew who they were instantly.

The rest of the year passed in a blur and the next thing Mike knew, it was the Christmas holidays. He did supercool things like skiing from a massive mountain, sledding and having snowball fights. Back on the first day of school James had changed, he was now nice and helpful instead of mean and rude. Henry had changed too, but not in a good way. He was horrible. Nobody liked him but everyone was afraid of him - even some teachers. In class Henry hit a kid because he thought that kid looked at him. He was then sent to the Principal's office, who suspended him. For three days everyone was happy being at school for the first time since the start of the year. But on Thursday Henry was back, and with a worse attitude. The next week on a Tuesday Henry tripped over James’ foot by accident and stumbled. The whole class burst out laughing. Henry said in anger “At lunch time I’m going to get you!”.  He told the truth, as soon as they were allowed out of the classroom Henry started walking towards James. Luckily, the teacher called him because he hadn’t finished his Maths decimal work. Halfway through lunch Henry finished his work and went around looking for James. When Henry saw James he punched him on the arm. Mike was near though and ran to his maths teacher.
“Mr Rad! Henry is beating James up!”
“Where? Show me.”
Mike led the teacher to the fight who broke it up.
“Thanks” James gasped. “He was just about to kick me!”

“No problem.” Mike said. “Just remember, in the bible, it says treat other how you would like to be treated.”