Friday, 20 March 2015

All about me

All About me
This is my piece of writing I did about me. I wrote about my family, my friends and my hobbies. I wrote this piece of writing so people can find out more about me. I learnt how to do a re-craft and a information report.  

Hi my name is Daniel and I am 10 years old. I have brown eyes and brown hair. I am here to talk about myself and the important things in my life. I was born in New Zealand but my culture is Samoan. I am a year 6 student at Panmure Bridge School. I am going to talk about my family, friends and my hobbies.

My family is important to me because they help me, feed me and are always there for me. My family is made up of my Mum, Dad and two brothers. I love my Mum and Dad the most because my Mum makes lunch and dinner for me. I also love my mum because when I hurt myself she takes care of me.I love my Dad because he always helps me with my homework if I’m stuck. I also love my brothers because without them I will have no one to play with when I am at home.

My friends are also important because without them at school I would have no one to play with, talk to and do my work with. I have lots of friends that I always play with. My best friends names are Shannon, Harlem, Cyrus, AJ and Sylis. My Friends also help me with my work if I am stuck.

My favorite hobbies are playing sports and playing minecraft. My favorite  sport is soccer because it is easy to play and when I grow up I want to be a soccer player. I like to play minecraft because you can explore, minecraft and build. My favorite bit of playing minecraft is killing all of the mobs (Creepers, Zombies, Slimes, Spiders, Skeletons,  Zombie Pigmen, Blazes, Ghasts, Wither skeletons and Endermen)
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I love my family and like my friends because my family will always love me and my friends will always help me whenever they can. When I grow up I also hope that I will become an awesome soccer player. But if I don’t become a soccer player I want to be rugby player.  
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Friday, 6 March 2015

Room 9's favorite sport

About Room 9

LI: WALT read information on a graph.

About this graph.

What does this graph show?
Room 9’s favorite sports.

What is one interesting piece of information you can read from this graph? That most people in room 9 like soccer.

Yesterday I made a graph about Room 9's favorite sport. When I finished my graph I had to answer these two questions. I learnt that 11 people in Room nine like to play soccer. 4 people like to play rugby, 4 people like to play netball, 4 people like to play basketball, 4 people like to play rugby league and 3 people like to play touch.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

My library book

Today at the library I choose this book because it looks really interesting and I have read book 1, 2 and 4 in the series.