Friday, 30 June 2017

CARE Awards

This is a DLO that I created about a man called Nelson Mandela for my CARE awards. I had to research a person who has a positive attitude despite difficulties they have faced.  I chose Nelson Mandela because he was sent to prison many times and for many years but he still believed in what he thought was right. 

Monday, 26 June 2017

Winter Solstice

AJ and I have completed a DLO about the Winter solstice. We researched a country that celebrates the winter solstice. We decided to choose a celebration called Yalda from a country called Iran. 

Friday, 23 June 2017

PBS Blackout Day

Today, Panmure Bridge school students were allowed to wear black or red if they chose to. The colors were meant to support the All Blacks or the Lions (Who will have a match tomorrow). Most of the people chose to wear All Blacks gear and only a handful wore the Lions colors. The Kapa Haka group also performed the haka. The words All Blacks were spray painted on the field. Everyone was assigned a number from 1 to 9. If you had the number 1, you had to stand on the letter A. If you had the number 2, you had to stand on the first L (And so on).  Mr Wong used the drone to film it. After that, the whole school formed a circle to pass a rugby ball around. 

Friday, 16 June 2017

CARE Awards

On Wednesday, I went to present at Manaiakalani. I presented about our learning we did about Te Taiao O Tamaki last term. At first I was really nervous and kept making mistakes, but then I got the hang of it and did all right. One thing I need to work on is looking at the audience when I am speaking instead of staring at the computer. 

Thursday, 15 June 2017


Today for dance we were adding to our dance moves. My partner was AJ in this activity. We managed to come up with a couple of good actions. The next thing we needed to do was find the correct music. We had to make sure our moves would sync to the music. We also had to have a perfect timing. At the end I think our dance ended pretty good. we had good sharp angles towards the end. 

Winter/Summer Solstice animation

This is a winter/summer solstice animation that AJ and I created. We had to research about when the winter and summer solstices come and how they happen. The winter solstice happens during December for the northern hemisphere and it happens on June for the southern hemisphere. The summer solstice happens during June for the northern hemisphere and December for the southern hemisphere. We also learnt about the seasons and how they work.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Maths DLO

For maths, we had to make a DLO about a problem we had to solve. The problem was about a clothing spree, we had to work out how much the two girls saved with the discounts. I worked with AJ to create this DLO.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Respecting Cultural Traditions - Summary

This week is Samoan language week, so for reading we've been learning Samoan traditions. So to help us learn more about the Samoan culture we watched a video that included Mata'afa Elia Autagavia (who gave a speech on Samoan traditions.) Our task was to find the main idea in the video. In the video Mata'afa was talking about how students from schools performed their dances. He said that the students were doing a lot of the actions wrong. This DLO is a summary about the video. We decided to use a summary because it is more easier for us to find the main idea and we've previously used it before. The main idea is: We have to preserve the Samoan culture so people don't lose connections with their roots. For this activity, I worked with Shannon and Jeremiah.