Wednesday, 20 September 2017

NZ Prime Minister

For this week, LS2 have been learning about elections. For this week, we learnt about Prime Minister's and a former New Zealand Prime Minister named David Lange. He was the thirty second Prime Minister for New Zealand and he helped make New Zealand nuclear free. 

Government Party Jigsaw

Bill English
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Image result for national party logo
Jacinda Ardern
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Image result for labour logo
Photo By Elections,
Public domain
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Photo, By Maps, Public domain
Mt Albert
James Shaw
Photo by Green Party NZ/CC BY-SA 4.0
Photo by Source/Public Domain
Wellington Central
Photo by russellstreet/CC BY-SA 2.0
NZ First
Winston Peters
Winston Peters, 2011.jpg

Photo by AirflowNZ/ CC BY-SA 3.0
NZ First logo 2017.png
Photo by New Zealand First/ Public Domain
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Photo by Ridcully Jack/ CC BY-SA 4.0
David Seymour
Image result for david seymour
Photo by Wikimedia / CC by 3.0
Image result for act logo
Photo by elections / CC by 3.0
Photo by Eunice Minjeong/CC BY-SA 4.0
Marma Fox
2015 Portrait of Marama Fox 01.JPG
Photo by Wiremu Stadtwald  /CC BY 4.0
Maori Party logo.png
Photo by Wikipedia/CC by 2.0
WairikiImage result for Waiariki on map
Photo by SocialLink/ CC by 2.0
United Future
Damian Light
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Image result for United Future party logo
Photo by New Zealand parliament, Public Domain
Screenshot 2017-09-18 at 2.34.14 PM.png
Photo by google maps, Public Domain


Gareth Morgan

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Photo by
News Hub, Public domain

Image result for Opportunities party logo
Photo by Elections, Public domain
Photo by Eunice Minjeong/CC BY-SA 4.0

This week LS2 have been learning about elections. First, we learnt about the main party's of the election and their leaders National, Labor, Green, Act, Maori, NZ first, Opportunities and United Future. To create this DLO, I worked with AJ, Oh Hsen, Fraidoon and Eric. 

Monday, 18 September 2017

eBook Day

Read an eBook Day

Today is eBook day and to celebrate I read an eBook called A Feast Of Dragons. The book is about a boy called Thor who goes on a ship with other boys his age to a island training camp that is infested with dangerous creatures and is near a dragons home. Thor and his friends have to survive the island and the dangers it brings, not to mention the deadly dragon that is living nearby. We read our eBooks on the Tamaki College Overdrive. If you want to read your own eBook here is the link: Tamaki College Overdrive. #EBOOKLOVE

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The Future

When I finish primary school and college, I hope to go to university although I have no idea at the moment what I would like to study. One of my hopes/dreams for the future is getting a job I would like to do. I know some people that have a job hate it, but they still turn up so they can earn some money. When I grow up I would like to be a aeroplane pilot or a navy sailor. I want to be a sailor because I love being out on the ocean, I enjoy ocean activities like sailing, kayaking and swimming and I never get seasick which is a added bonus. Being a pilot would be a bit harder as I'm kind of scared of heights, although I'm sure I could overcome that fear.  

My Summer Holidays And The Summer Learning Journey Programme

In the summertime, I am usually on my computer playing games or doing the Summer Learning Journey. One of my favorite activities during summer is definitely doing the Summer Learning Journey. Most people probably think doing something that is similar to work during the holidays is boring but it can be interesting and you can learn lots of different things you can do during the school holidays. I have participated in the summer learning journey twice so far. I decided to participate in it because I had nothing to do so I was really bored. Once I finished the first activity, I decided to just keep on doing it. The two Summer Learning Journey programmes were about countries. In the first one, I chose the United Kingdom and I learnt about four countries that the United Kingdom is made up of (Wales, Ireland, Scotland and England). On the second Summer Learning Journey programme, I decided to choose Canada as my country. I learnt that, while most New Zealander's probably eat cereal for breakfast, Canadians enjoy eating pancakes and maple syrup. I really like doing the Summer Learning Journey programme as it's a great idea to help students to learn over the holidays. 

My School

I go to Panmure Bridge school and my favorite thing about Panmure Bridge school is how we are a digital school. It's great how all of the seniors have chrome books and all of the juniors work on iPads to help them with their learning. Going to a school that is part of Manaiakalani is awesome because we can connect with many other students in our area by going on their blogs and commenting on their work. Some of the advantages of using chrome books to learn are being able to delete a mistake easily, being able to spell every work properly and the best thing about being able to use a device is that I can type faster than I would if I used a pen and some paper. I have two favorite subjects at school: Maths and PE. I like maths because it's really challenging and fun when I try to work out the hard questions we sometimes get given. I also like PE because sports is one of my favorite things to do during school time or after school. Some of my favorite sports are: soccer, rugby and touch. 

An Introduction To Me

My name is Daniel and I live in Panmure, Auckland. There are five people in my family: my mum, my dad and my two brothers. Some of my likes are playing sports or playing games on my computer and some of my dislikes are drawing pictures because I'm horrible at drawing. One of my hobbies is camping which I always find fun. I've been to four different scout camps so far and I enjoyed every single one. Some thing my brothers and I do for fun are playing computer games together or playing sports or going on the trampoline outside.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Tamaki College Overdrive

After lunch today, LS2 went onto the Tamaki College overdrive which is basically a website with loads of different e-books on it. I looked around for a bit and chose a book called A Feast Of Dragons by Morgan Rice. It is the third book in the Sorcerers Ring series. I picked it because I'm currently reading the Sorcerers Ring series and I found the first two really interesting. It's about a boy called Thor who goes to a training place where he has to learn how to fight and defend himself. The overdrive is a great website because we don't have to go to the library to read some books and they have a great selection of books.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Writing - Two Word Sentences

For this week in writing, we have been learning about two word sentences. We came up with a list of two word sentences then used them to create a compound sentence and a complex sentence. The two word sentences I decided to use are: I'm sorry, stay inside and that's absurd.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Year 8 College Experience

On Friday, the year eights went to Tamaki College for the whole day to experience what it is like at a college. We had a couple of classes that would be like the classes we would have next year, in Year 9. After interval we had maths and science, and after lunch we had English and PE. Maths was run by Mr Jones, Science was run by Mr Stoddard, English was run by Mr Stevenson and PE was run by Mr Moyes. In Maths we played a game called battleships which is a game where you have to sink all of your opponents ships using co-ordinates. During our time in Science we did some experiments with electricity like making water bend by using a piece of rubber, that was weird how we made the water move in that way. After lunch we went to English where we had to memorize ten words and get some visual images for them. We ended our day with PE where we played a really fun game called turbo touch, which is kind of like touch, but it has different rules and a different setup. We all had an amazing and great time. A big thanks to Tamaki College for providing food (Which was yum!) and transport for us. It was a great day of learning that we all enjoyed.