Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Inquiry DLO

Today I finished my DLO from inquiry. I was in Mr O's group. For this task I had to learn about training. I learnt that you can focus on three groups to train on: Agility, Strength and Endurance.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Magic Box Poem

For this task I had to write a poem about what I would put in a magic box. I worked with Lyndon on this task. We came up with twelve things that we would put in our magic box. We then wrote what we wanted our box to be made out of. It was very fun because we used our creativity skills to complete this task. 

I will put into the box
A soft, delicate leaf from the tallest tree, which lives by
itself on a island at the end of the world.
A unbreakable shard of ice taken from the core of the Earth.
I will put into the box
All of the four elements, air, fire, water and earth
Dusty dinosaur bones from 66 million years ago
The clicking sound of a computer mouse

I will put into the box
Silver shiny shoes, polished till they sparkled
The loud noise of lego crashing together
The fiery flame burning in the fireplace.

I will put into the box
The specter of a long gone King
The sour and tangy taste of a orange
A shredded piece of fabric from a traveler's cloak

My box is fashioned panes of glass and crystal clear diamonds and pure gold, with brass on the lid and gems in the corners.

Its hinges are made out of saber-tooth tiger bones

I shall wander in my box
For it is like a black hole,
With plenty of space for many things to put in it,
Endless and never ending,
Going on and on and on…

Olympic Silhouette Art

This is my Olympic silhouette art. First we had to find a silhouette of a person doing a sport. Our topic for this was the Olympic games. We then cut out our silhouette and chose our colours (Cold or Hot). I chose hot colours like red and orange. We then put black PVA glue on. The next day, when the glue dried, we glued our silhouette on. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Warrior's Visit

Today two of the warrior's came to Panmure bridge school to talk to us about some things. They talked about hydration, belonging and sleep. Hydration is when you drink water, when we talked about belonging we had to think of a group that we belonged to, and finally they talked about sleep. I also found out that the reason my parents stay up longer than me is because they only need eight hours sleep when we need at least eleven hours sleep. We have to have a full night's sleep or we can't think properly or play a sport. Ryan Hoffman and John Palavi were the warrior's that visited us. Alice from DTR and Georgia who represents the warrior's was also there.  After the introductions, we had a team trivia (Quiz) where the left side of the hall competed against the right. People who got answers correct either got a water bottle or a swimming bag. My friend Latham luckily got a water bottle for his prize. I would also like to thank DTR for getting Ryan Hoffman and John Palavi to come. I reckon that everyone had a great time because I know I did, which was all thanks to the hardworking people at DTR. 

Friday, 19 August 2016

Run Jump Throw

Yesterday the year seven's and eight's had Run Jump Throw. Our focus this week was on Long Jump. We practiced jumping from a yellow line on the court to the field. We went into groups of five. The person who jumped the furthest then went to the finals. The person who jumped the furthest overall, was Zahn. Also, thanks to Andi who let the year seven's and eight's come together. 

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Current Events

Two women (Nikki Hamblin from New Zealand and Abbey D'Agostino from USA) that were competing in the Olympics tripped up and fell. When they got over the shock of the fall, they helped each other get to the finish line. What they did, showed what being a good sport man/woman is. They would probably inspire people to help each other out in the future. Even the other Olympians probably saw the great sportsmanship the women showed. 

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Today for inquiry Latham and I finished our work. We worked between the differences on the ancient and modern Olympics. I learnt a lot, like the ancient athletes ran naked.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Olympic Comparison

We have been learning to consider both sides of a provocation so that we can make so that we can make a informed opinion. Mrs Anderson asked us to think about the two different points of view (Or opinions) and not just one (Our two points of view are yes, countries should spend money on the olympics and no, they shouldn't). To make our informed opinion we also had to think about how else Rio could use the $1.2 billion they spent. My DLO shows what I thought, a picture of what the 1984 Sarajevo olympic ski jump event used to look like and what it looks like in 2011.

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Violet Walrond

For reading, some of LS2 had to read a book about Violet Walrond. Violet was still quite young when she went to the 1920 olympics (The olympics that were held after world war 1). She is very important to New Zealand's history because she was one of four people who went to the olympics the first time New Zealand was it's own olympic nation. The other members of her team were a sprinter, a rower and a hurdler.

Run Jump Throw

Today the year sevens and eights went to run jump throw together. We did a combined session because our coach couldn't stay long enough to coach us desperately. First we played a game of octopus, I was one of the taggers. It was very hard to catch someone when forty people are charging at you.  Next, we learnt about different starts. There are two, one for when you are sprinting and one for when you are doing longer distance running. When we practiced sprinting, we started one step away from the yellow line on the court and when our coach said get ready we took one step forward. When she said get set, we bent both of our knees and when she said go, everyone ran for the other side of the courts as fast as they could. Andy (Our coach) also taught us to not look at her but straight ahead otherwise we would slow down or crash into someone. 

Friday, 5 August 2016

Buddy Reading

Today room 3 and 4 came up stairs to LS2 for some buddy reading. Everyone from LS2 got a partner to work with. LS2's job was to read to our buddy and ask them some questions like: What is your favorite image and who is your favorite character. First I read Thor to my buddy. It was about Thor and how he was sent down to earth by his father. I am sure everyone had a great time reading with someone.


Today the year seven's and eight's went to tech. Half of the year eight's went to cooking (They made chocolate chip muffins and smoothies). The other half of the year eight's went to digital tech (They did scratch). The year seven's were at pewter casting (We were filing our chosen pewter cast). 

Run, Jump Throw

Yesterday the year 7's and 8's had run, jump throw. Unfortunately, the year seven's didn't manage to do the proper run, jump throw because the instructor couldn't stay at school. Luckily, Mr O from LS1 helped us out and took the year 7's.  

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Advertising DLO

For this task I had to do make a DLO about advertising a hover bike. I worked with Harry and Shannon on this task. We added things that would persuade people like special offer and 50% off. We also added a picture of a hover bike so people could see what it is.  

New Zealand Olympic Logo

For a task I had to make a logo for when New Zealand has the Olympic games (2052 is probably not the year New Zealand has the Olympic games, I just made it up). I also added the five Olympic rings. The colours chosen (Blue, Yellow, Black, Green and Red) were chose because every country in the world has one of those colours on their flag. 
Attributes for the photos:
Laurel Wreath: Photo by Wikia / License
Torch: Photo by Wikimedia / License