Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Benefits of Reading DLO

This is my poster of the benefits of reading. I focused on knowledge. You can gain lots of knowledge if you read. Even if you read for less than half an hour a day you should gain knowledge of the things around you. Like, for example how the builders make your house warm. 

Space Poster

This is my space poster that I made. I had to make a poster that had things like bold and big letters, a few sentences (Not to much words) and sentences that make sense.

Solving Decimal Word Problems 3

For maths I had to answer three decimal problems and make a DLO about solving one of them. The problem was that the cashier gave Paige and Melissa the wrong amount of change, the cashier was supposed to give her $10.40 instead of $1.40.

Home Learning

This is my home learning animation that I made with Sylis. This week, our home learning was about the Grand Palace, which is in Thailand. I found out that the Grand Palace has a special rule, you can't wear shoes and you can't wear low cut clothes (Shorts, Short Sleeves and more).

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Balloon Maths Game

Today I played a maths game. You had to click on the balloon with the smallest to highest number. My best score was 18 thousand. I think I could get a higher score, but I need to work on my speed to answer.

New Zealand Flag Vote

Today LS2 voted on if we wanted to change the flag or keep the current flag. Our Learning Intention was to make a informed choice (A choice based on information). Before we voted though, we got into our thinking groups. We thought of some reasons if we should change or not change. When we voted we had to respect other peoples opinions.  

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Reading Can Do's

This is a reading can do that I completed today. I made word clines for angry, happy, big, small, silly, went, shy and cold. I found out that you can make you sentences much better by using descriptive words. Example: instead of angry you can change it to words like frustrated and furious.

Reading Can Do's

This is another reading can do that I did today. For this task I had to get five interesting words and get some info about them (The meaning in my own words, A picture and more).  

Reading Can Do's

This is a can do task that I made today. The challenge that I did was the current events. I read an article about police officers getting bigger handcuffs. 

Monday, 14 March 2016

Practicing Rounding Decimal Numbers

This is a screenshot of a maths game that I played. The maths game was about rounding decimals. Their are four levels. They are rounding the number to the nearest whole number, tenths, hundredths and thousandths. If you want to play it for yourself here is the link: Rounding decimals.

Friday, 11 March 2016

CARE Awards Task

This is a CARE award task that I made with a group of my friends. We interviewed a security guard. We wanted to record what he said, but he couldn't give us that information if we recorded it.

Baking Soda And Vinegar DLO

This is my baking soda and vinegar DLO that I made with AJ. We explained how we did the experiment and what happened.  

Home Learning

Powered by emaze
This is my home learning that I made with Oh Hsen. Our home learning was about the leaning tower of Pisa. In this presentation that we made with emaze, we found out lots of cool and interesting facts. I think the most interesting fact is that the tower was built 656 years ago. 

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Exemplar Text

The boys sat together thinking about the poor man. They were sorry that things had happened the way they had, and they still felt a little bit guilty - they hadn't meant for anything bad to happen. Jack signed. He had learnt that it wasn't always a good idea to go with the crowd and he wouldn't be making the same mistake again.

...Three weeks earlier, Jack had been walking to the shop with a group of his friends. As they passed the old railway bridge, they spotted what looked like a bundle of clothes next to a rusty old dustbin. Jack stared at the rags intently, until, to his surprise he saw a pair of eyes blinking back at him. He hurried on, to catch up with his friends. 

"What took you so long?" Mike asked. 
"I thought I saw someone..." Jake replied. 
"Let's go and check it out then", this time it was James that spoke. They wondered over to the dustbin. They peered into the darkness. Now all of them could see the poor old man. He was covered in old rags that now looked nothing like cloths.

This is my exemplar writing. The first two paragraphs were already written but I wrote the third one. We had to write a paragraph carrying on from the text already written for us.  

Read Theory

This is my read theory DLO. I made it about my read theory progress. Read theory is a reading game where you read a text and answer some questions. I think it is a fun way to read because if you get answer correct you get points. Also, there are ranks so if you get lots of points you can rank up.  

Friday, 4 March 2016

Smart Timesavers

Here are some shortcuts to searching on a website. There are lots of different shortcuts like Ctrl F or G. There is a link on the presentation for more shortcuts. 

Decimal Pirates

Today I played a game called place value pirates. I did the decimal game. I had click on the pirate with the answer. For example, on the screenshot it says 5 in the ones place. The correct answer would be the pirate second from the right because the number he has is 35.85. It was a fun way to learn decimals. If you want to play here is the link:

How To Be A Scientist Group One

On Wednesday Group One made a DLO on how to be a scientist. We wrote about the sequences for a experiment. First was questions, then Hypothesis, Experiment, Results and finally the Conclusion. 

Home Learning Week 5

This is my home learning that I did with Cyrus. We had to find out about the Mona Lisa. The Mona Lisa is a famous painting by Leonardo Da Vinci.


Yesterday Group 1 did the baking soda and vinegar experiment for science. I think it was fun a interesting to see how the baking soda reacted to the vinegar. After using baking soda and malt vinegar the first time, we changed the vinegar to white vinegar. The results were different. The white vinegar had more bubbles but they were smaller. 

Wednesday, 2 March 2016


On Tuesday LS2 did science in the hall. We were split up in three groups. Group one made oobleck, group 2 experimented with baking soda and vinegar and group three learnt how to be a good scientist. I was in group 1. 

Solving Decimal Problem 2

This is my second decimal problem. I had to make a DLO on how I solved my problem. I worked out that Pote doesn't have enough money to buy the things he wants.  

Solving Decimal Word Problems

Today for maths I figured out a decimal word problem. We had to write answer three questions and then make a DLO about solving one of them. I chose the third question. I learnt how to solve harder maths questions like this. It was fun trying to figure out this problem. 

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Using DRAFT In Our Writing

This is my stretched sentence. We made our sentence first then we changed them using DRAFT

Before I used DRAFT
Who - The small dog barked.
What - The small dog barked loudly.
When - At midnight the small dog barked loudly.
Where - At midnight the small dog barked loudly in the back yard.
Why - As the clock struck midnight the small dog barked loudly in the backyard, at an intruder coming through the gate.

When I used DRAFT
At midnight the small dog barked loudly, at the intruder coming through the rattling and rusted iron gate.