Monday, 31 July 2017

Ordering Fractions

Today for maths, we played a warm up game about ordering fractions. After that, we did a test about ordering fractions which was slightly harder than the warm up game. I managed to get 100% (Four correct out of four) which was great.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Why is it so important to keep oral story telling alive?

AJ and I created a 25 word summary to answer the question: Why is it so important to keep oral story telling alive? For this task, we had to listen to some videos that gave some answers to the question. The videos were in Te Reo so we had to use subtitles. We had to work collaboratively with our partners to complete this task. Our summary is 26 words, because it sounded better that way.

It’s important to teach younger generations about Maori storytelling to remember the past. It keeps the cultural and traditional stories alive so they won’t be forgotten.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Exploring Myths and Legends

I created a comic strip using a website called Storyboard that to practice using dialogue to show rather than tell what is happening or happened in a scene from the myth 'How Maui brought fire to the world'. I found it challenging to make sure that I used show and not tell, in my comic about Maui. Another thing I found challenging was finding where the characters and where the background/setting is because this was my first time using the site.


For maths today, we played a game called Ordering Fractions Game. In the game, (As you probably guessed) you had to order fractions. It is a very fun game and it helps you improve your ordering fractions skills. If you want to play it, here is the link:

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey

For this winter learning journey activity, I had to write a description about this week (What have I learned, what did I like about the trip, etc).
What I learnt: I have learnt a lot about New Zealand during these past 7 days of activity's. I learnt that there are many different beautiful places all around New Zealand, and they can be kept that way if people put things like their rubbish in the right place.
What I liked: I liked how we visited many different places. Taupo, Karekare beach - the list just goes on and on.  I had a great time going on a amazing kiwi road trip!
What I didn't like: I liked everything!

Winter Learning Journey

For this winter learning journey activity, I have to take a picture of myself doing something that I find relaxing. I find reading really relaxing so I decided to take a picture of myself reading. The book I was reading is called John Paul Jones who was a man who fought in the American navy. 

Winter Learning Journey

For this winter learning journey activity, I am walking around Taupo and I notice there is rubbish in the lake and on the footpath. I have to use my imagination and come up with three things I could do to make my neighborhood more beautiful.
1. If I see rubbish on the floor, I would pick it up
2. Talk to as many people as I can to try and persuade then to not litter
3. Put up a couple of signs saying use bins or don't litter

Winter Learning Journey

For this winter learning journey activity, I have to watch three videos of the All Blacks doing the haka and rate them from 1 (The best) to 3 (The worst).
1. (All Blacks v Argentina)
2. (All Blacks v France)
3. (All Blacks v South Africa)

Winter Learning Journey

For this winter learning journey activity, I have to read about the Matariki Festival at Te Papa and choose three events to write about. These are the three events I picked:
1. Matariki Dawn: Special opening weekend at space place
2. Lantern making with artist Yvonne de Mille
3. Guided tour through the great war exhibition

Winter Learning Journey

For this winter learning journey activity I have to imagine I was one of the people on the first waka that landed at a place called Shag Point. I have to write a poem about how I would feel. I decided to write a acrostic poem.


Possibly threatening

Winter Learning Journey

For this activity, I have to say whether or not I would ride the Otago central rail trail (150km long cycle trail). I would defiantly ride it on my bike because I love riding my bike around and I haven't been biking for a long time recently. 150km sounds like a lot but I reckon I could do it. 

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey

For this winter learning journey activity, I had to research a famous New Zealander. I chose Peter Jackson because I love his Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings trilogy's. 

Winter Learning Journey

For this activity in the winter learning journey, I have to pretend that I got lost in a forest all by myself. I have to write a short story (8-10 sentences) about what might happen next.

It was a wonderful day, with the sun shining and the birds chirping. I strolled along the forest floor, dazed by the forest’s natural beauty. Suddenly, I realized the I couldn’t hear my companions footsteps, talk or endless laughter. I was lost! I wandered around for ages, shouting at the top of my lungs, hoping that they might hear me. My only water bottle lay in my bag, dry as a bone. Soon, the heat began to kick in. My lips were cracked and dry and my throat was sore. After a while, I just gave up on looking for my friends and lay down. Soon, sleep came. In the morning, I didn’t really feel like walking, so I just sat on the forest floor. After a couple of hours, I heard a peculiar noise. It was a helicopter. As quick as I could, I climbed the tallest tree around me and when I saw the helicopter I waved my arms frantically. Someone in the helicopter let down a piece of rope and I grabbed it and climbed up inside.

Winter Learning Journey

Hector’s dolphins are only found in New Zealand waters. Sadly, many of them are getting killed each year because they are getting killed accidentally by fishers). I have to form an opinion on where I think fishing should be banned in Farewell spit (Where hector’s dolphins are found). I think it should be banned because people could fish in other places where the dolphins aren’t found. The dolphins could become extinct if people keep killing them.

Winter Learning Journey

For this winter learning journey task, I have to watch two trailers of a movie called Whale Rider. I then have to write a summary of the movie and rate it out of five. The movie is about a girl whose twin brother was supposed to be the next chief in their tribe. However, the boy dies when he is born and his sister survives. Only males are allowed to become a chief so the custom is changed when the brother dies, and the sister survives. I give this movie a 3 out of 5 because it doesn’t really seem like a movie i’d want to watch

Winter Learning Journey

For this activity, I had to read about a place called Farewell Spit. It was in the news recently where some whales accidentally swam into the spit and got stuck on the beach. They couldn’t swim back out to the sea because the water they were in was to shallow. The local people tried to save them, but sadly many of them died. I have to describe what the local people did to try and save the whales. The locals did these things:

  • Pour buckets of water on the whales
  • Put wet towels/cloths on the whales
  • They also filled bowls, chilly bins, water bottles, pots with water and poured the water over the beached whales

Winter Learning Journey

For this activity in the winter learning journey I had to read about how people in New Zealand are working to kill pests like possums, form a opinion and give three reasons why I think that way. I agree with the New Zealanders who are killing these pests and I think all the pests should be killed because:

  1. The pests damage native trees
  2. The pests could be killing New Zealand native animals like the kokako (By eating their eggs/chicks)
  3. Possums are also a hazard for farms, costing them around $35 million every yeat

Winter Learning Journey

For this winter learning journey activity, I had to go to a website and chose a animal I would like to adopt. I would like to adopt the great spotted kiwi. Here are some facts about the great spotted kiwi:
Diet: Earthworms, grubs, beetles, crickets, flies
Habitat: Three places in the South Island (Northwestern Nelson, North Westland and in the Southern Alps, near Lake Rotoiti)
Type of animal: Mammal

Threats/predators: Dogs, cats, ferrets, stoats
Image result for great spotted kiwi

Winter Learning Journey

For this activity on the winter learning journey, I had to interview a member of my family about their five favourite things to do outside (It can be on land or water). I chose to interview my little brother Alex.

  1. Play handball
  2. Go swimming
  3. Play on a playground
  4. Run around with friends
  5. Wrestle

Winter Learning Journey

For this activity, I had to watch a video of the youngest person to ever sail around the world. Her name is Laura Dekker. I had to imagine that I had the chance to interview Laura and the five questions I would ask her. Here are the questions I would ask her:

  1. What inspired you to sail around the world?
  2. How did you feel when you finally managed to finish you incredible journey?
  3. Did you ever feel, at any point like you wanted to give up?
  4. Did you think sailing around the world would be easy or hard?
  5. Were you confident in your abilities to make it all the way round the world during the journey?

Winter Learning Journey

For the first activity on the second day of the winter learning journey, I went to rangitoto island, karekare beach and tane mahuta. I had to read about the three places and say which place I most enjoyed visiting and why. I enjoyed visiting Karekare beach the most because it is one of Auckland’s most spectacular beaches and wilderness areas.
Image result for karekare beach

Winter Learning Journey

Screenshot 2017-07-08 at 12.38.53 PM.png

For the first bonus activity of the Winter learning journey, I had to design a new flag. I could use any drawing programme I wanted. I kind of like the flag we have now so I left it mostly the same except I added a kiwi (Because that is what New Zealanders are also know as) and I changed the dark blue background into a lite blue background (Which I thought looker way better). I also changed the red in the union jack into black, so the union jack kind of represents our sports teams (All blacks, black caps and black sticks)

Winter Learning Journey

For this activity in the winter learning journey, I had to watch this video:
and once I finished the video, I had to choose my favourite five activities from the video.

  1. Go to rainbows end!!!
  2. Tree top walk in the Waitakere Ranges
  3. Going to one of the west coast beaches
  4. Base jump off the sky tower
  5. Go to the war memorial museum

Winter Learning Journey

For the first activity of the winter learning journey, I had to go to the Tourism New Zealand site and choose three facts about the people of New Zealand. Here are my three facts:
  1. Almost 7/10 (69%) of New Zealanders are of European descent  
  2. Rugby is New Zealand’s national sport (Being the most popular sport in NZ and having a great rugby team)
  3. There are 4 main cities in New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton and Christchurch) with 1/3 of the population living in Auckland.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

All Blacks Training

Two weeks ago (On a Friday), Panmure Bridge school had a black out day. Everyone could come to school in black (To represent the All Blacks) or red (To represent the Lions). During that day, Mr Ogilvie made a video of PBS singing Tutira Mai (The All Blacks song). Panmure Bridge school won a competition and got two tickets to see the All Blacks train on Thursday 6th of July (Today) and two tickets to do the captain's run with the All Blacks on Friday 7th of July (Tomorrow). I won the two tickets to go and see the All Blacks train today. Even in training they were very impressive, however, the best part of the day was getting loads of photos with them!


Yesterday, Miss Apelu who was a visiting teacher from Tamaki college came into LS2. When Mrs Anderson read a short text, we had to write down all of the words we thought we important. Then, we picked 20 words out of the ones we wrote down. After that, we picked 6 words for the 20 and used them to write a short summary. 

Dance Evaluation

This is my dance evaluation that I created with Calvin, Te Wai and AJ. For dance, we created a video with us doing our dance moves that we thought up. First, we worked in pairs, then we joined another pair and combined our moves to make our dance better.


Yesterday, a few students went to Point England reserve for the inter-school orienteering. We were put into three groups of four (Year seven boys team, year eight girls team and a year eight boys team). The course we ran had thirteen controls. I did course two (There were six courses). It was really fun and everyone had a great time. 

Tamaki Wrap

On Tuesday, LS2 went to the hall and met a group of people called tamaki wrap. They told us how plastic can kill sea life because they might think it is food.

Monday, 3 July 2017

CARE Awards

This DLO is for my attitude CARE award task. For this task, I had to research the role of a public health nurse in our school and tell others how they help us. I found out that a public health nurse goes around to many different community places like schools and makes sure that all the students there are healthy. 

Matariki Animation

For the third matariki activity, AJ and I had to make a animation about the winter and summer solstices, and how the seasons work. We learnt that the winter and summer solstices come twice a year (One for North hemisphere and one for the South hemisphere). Another thing we learnt that we get solstices because the Earth spins on it's axis. Also, because the Earth is tilted, one half of the world will experience winter and the other half will experience summer.


For the second matariki activity, AJ and I created a DLO about Matariki and the six sisters. First we had to watch a video about the legends of the seven stars and then answer questions that we were given. We learnt the names of the seven stars and what they did in the video. 

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Recycling Movie

This is a movie that I created with Shannon, CJ, AJ, Mathias, Jeremiah, Te Wai, Sylis and Halrem M. This movie is about recycling and how/what you can recycle. It was our first movie that we made so hopefully it's not to bad. We created this movie because recycling is a big problem and we wanted to send a message saying you have to start recycling.