Friday, 21 February 2014

Eastern beach

On Thursday the whole school went to Eastern beach for a school picnic. When we stepped off the bus I could see that the waves were massive and the wind almost took my hat off. First we had morning tea and then we could swim, play in the sand or play sports. Room 7 had to play in the sand first.

We made sand castles with animal drawings on them using shells and some of the people made a animal by only using sand. John, Latham and I made a sand castle together. A few minutes later it was our turn to swim in the beach. So I got my snorkel and goggles out to go snorkel diving. I could see lot of shells and seaweed all around me. I was really sad when room 7 got out because I like to swim. 

When all of the classes finished swimming  it was time for lunch. After lunch we had play around and then the bus came. So Mr Johnston said we can have a last minute swim. Then the bus came and we went back to school. At the end I was feeling awesome and happy.  



  1. This is a great recount Daniel. You have included clear descriptions and lots of specific nouns. Keep up the good work!

  2. Good work Daniel nice recount and you picked a good photo of you John and me keep the great work up from your buddy.

  3. Hi Daniel

    I like your recount on Eastern beach. I would like to know what your sand castle was on.
    Keep all the good work up Daniel.