Wednesday, 21 May 2014

My Small Moment

My Trip to Eastern Beach

When I went to Eastern beach I felt excited because I wanted to build a sandcastle. When I first got to Eastern beach I ran to the sand so I could make a sandcastle. First I went to the water so I could get wet sand then I sprinkled dry sand over the wet sand to make it strong. I made the sandcastle very long just like the great wall of china but way shorter. After building my sandcastle I dug a hole in front of the sandcastle so when the water came it would go into the hole. While I was digging the hole I didn't notice the tide was coming in until I could see it going into the hole that I made. I quickly jumped behind the sandcastle so I wouldn't get wet. Thankfully the water went in the hole and it was not a wave just a tiny bit of water. But then another wave came and knocked a massive hole into the sandcastle so I had to work fast to repair the hole before another wave came. I managed to repair the hole before another wave came so I sat down feeling exhausted, but not for long disaster struck because a wave that was even bigger than the rest came up and crashed down on me and my sand castle. I got soaked and my sand castle was nothing but a big pile of sand, I was so angry I couldn't even speak. All that time was for nothing. I spent so much time building the sandcastle and it was all gone. Later when I went home I still felt angry at the water because the wave knocked down my best sandcastle ever and I couldn't even take a photo. But next time I come to the beach I’ll make my sand castle far away from the water.   

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