Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Our Trip to the Auckland Botanical Gardens

On Wednesday room 7 went to the Botanical Gardens for the trip. It was raining at the Botanical gardens so we had to put on our rain coats. The part that I found really interesting was when we went to the The Potters children garden. Out side the Potters children garden were some Puriri trees and in one of the trees was a Kereru. At first I was wondering what bird this was because I didn't know much about birds. I knew it was a Kereru when someone said its a Kereru. The Kereru looked amazing because I have never seen one before. With its dark green wings and the white belly the Kereru looked very strange wonderful. The Kereru was on the Puriri tree because it liked the delicious berries. I watched as the Kereru looked down at us then looked away. I thought that the Kereru didn't like strangers. After the Kereru looked away I went to the Potters children garden to join my friends. When we got back to the place we started from, we waited a bit then we boarded the bus. I felt really tired from the trip and when it was time to go home I went to bed immediately.  


  1. I enjoyed seeing the kereru also. I didn't know the puriri tree had such red berries.

  2. Hey Daniel its good to hear you enjoyed your time on your school trip. What was so exciting about the Potter garden? The Kereru bird sounds really beautiful. I've never seen one before, but thanks to your wonderful description I think I know what to look for.