Friday, 14 November 2014

Tiny dragon

Tiny dragon

As I stretched out on the warm grass, I felt a tickle on my fingertips. The smell of  smoke drifted in the air. I suddenly looked at my hand and saw a tiny, green and brown dragon!. I screamed in shock. What was the dragon doing here? I thought. The dragon hopped on the palm of my hand from my fingertips. I held it as far away as I could. The dragon felt scaly and warm. Smoke was pouring out of his nostrils and he glared at me like I did something wrong. I was curious and when I lifted my hand to take a closer look the dragon did a loud ROAR.

I jumped back in fright but I quickly forgot about my fear because I wanted to study it. Its tail was short and thick and while it’s body is brown his wings were a emerald green colour. The dragon looked like a male dragon so I decided to call him Robert. Robert’s claws were very sharp and they hurt my skin. His eyes were a deep brown colour. I wanted another look so I lifted the dragon closer to me again. Suddenly a lot of gray and black smoke came out of the dragon’s nostrils. I coughed but then I quickly covered my head with my free hand so none of the smoke got into my eyes. Eventually the smoke passed but I could still smell it when I took my hand away.

I lifted the dragon in the sunlight so I could see better. The dragon’s wings gleamed in the sunlight as I look at him. He rubbed his scaly head on my hand so it tickled. As I laughed I saw that Robert had lots of green spots on his brown body but he had no spots on his green wings. I then changed his named to Spotty. I touched Spotty’s wings and they were even thought they were thin they were also incredibly soft and smooth. Spotty had two tiny, white and shiny horns on his head. I also noticed that he had a spike at the end of the tail. The spike looked sharp and deadly. I thought to myself that the dragon looked deadly and dangerous.

It was getting late (I could tell because it was getting dark) so I decided to go home. I put the dragon down carefully and I started walked home. That dragon was awesome I thought to myself as I walked back home.

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