Friday, 21 October 2016

Owl Narrative

This is my narrative that I wrote. I had to write a story about a baby owl who is taking his/her first flight.

Leap Of Faith

This is it. My big day, Ralph thought to himself as the wind howled outside like a owl in pain. Ralph is a Barn Owl who just turned nine weeks old. Today was a test to see if he could fly. He really wanted to make his mother proud (His dad died in a storm). Ralph lived in a tree, with the rest of his parliament (A group of owls), though he had his own hole with his mother. The parliament are all Barn owls. The more important owls lived up near the top of the tree while the less important owls were further down. Normally, on a windy day like this he would be in one of his friends homes playing a fun game called I Spy with them.
“Ralph, come and have your breakfast!” his mother called.
“Coming” was the reply, which was muffled because he was lying face down in his nest which was made out of bits of grass and leaves.
Ralph didn’t eat much because he thought he might puke with nervousness. Suddenly, a loud hoot was heard from near the top of the tree. All of the owls who were nine to ten weeks old were being called up for their test.

“You will fly from this tree all the way to that apple tree across from here” said one of the older owls. He was in charge because he was really wise and fair. Ralph fixed his eyes on his target and took a deep breath.
“When I call, fly for the tree” the elder spoke again.
All of the birds took off and launched themselves from the branch that they clung tightly on. Ralph started flapping his wings but he was forgetting one important thing: He wasn’t supposed to flap just up and down, he had to move his wings forward too . By the time he realized his mistake, it was too late. At that moment, Ralph started panicking as the ground rushed up to meet him…

“Are you alright?” Ralph could hear his mother's familiar voice as he opened his eyes.
“Yeah, i’m fine” he replied.
He got out of his bed and walked out of his house.
“Where are you going?” his mother asked from somewhere behind him.
“I got to try again mum, or I’ll never get to fly”
“Be careful” was the worried reply.

On the way to the top of the tree, Ralph found some other owls his age, they were bullies and had a big ego. They thought they were cool and always got what they wanted, like more food, for they created far too much trouble if they didn’t it.
“Here is the failure!” one of them called, as the others sniggered.
“Everyone else made it apart from you!” another one exclaimed.
“I’m going to go and try again” replied Ralph.
“What, so you can fail again?” that was the first one again.
Ralph then decided to ignore them as he marched to his destination.

When he got back to the top area of the tree he found the elder owl of the parliament.
“I knew you would try again” the elder said.
“How did you know?” Ralph asked, puzzled.  
“Your father failed on his first flight as well, but he came back and tried”
“Did he succeed?”
“Yes, just remember, you must concentrate and focus”
“Yeah, I got it”
Ralph looked down at the grassy ground way below him, and the at the tree with delicious red apples. He put out one foot, to test how strong the air was. Once he was prepared, he leaped and glided through the air. He flapped his wings in the way he was supposed to, in fact, he did everything correct so soon he found himself soaring through the air chuckling in delight. It was a wonderful feeling, to be flying, with the air going past his face. Once he landed on his target, the apple tree, he flew back to his home, where his mum watched him land. She had a big smile on her face.

“Well done” she said happily.

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  1. Hello Daniel

    Excellent piece of writing. This is a very great narrative about a bird learning to fly for the first time. You should write more natrratives but make sure it has a blurb explaining about the story.