Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Five Minutes Of...

This is my five minute story that I made with AJ. We had to write this story back to back and we weren't allowed to speak. It was very interesting because we weren't allowed to communicate with each other.

Operation Rescue
I shivered in the early morning cold, standing there on the beach, in my togs. I decided to have a good morning swim. I leaped off the wharf and started swimming, the water was freezing! I continued to swim further and further until I couldn’t reach the bottom of the sea. Then, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye, a humongous wave was heading straight for me, and with no time to swim away, I braced myself for the impact. As the huge waves crashed down on me, I struggled to breathe.

I managed to get above the water and breathe in some fresh air, then I saw more waves coming at me, each as big as the others. The wind howled - as if it was laughing at my fate. I tried to put my arm up, desperately wanted to be rescued. It was at that moment, I saw it. The Westpac helicopter saw me in trouble, and attempted to save me. Then the winch came down, with a man on it, he put a safety harness around me and we went slowly back up into the helicopter. “Thank you for saving my life” I said gratefully.
“Next time you should decide carefully when you go swimming, especially in this awful weather” the medic told me.

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