Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Rewindable Reading

Yesterday during reading, Lyndon, Te Wai, Harlem, AJ and I were getting taught how to do reciprocal reading by Fraidoon. While he taught us, we were recorded so that we could look at what we did well and what we need to work on. Today, we watched the video of ourselves so we could see what we did well and what we weren't doing as well. This type of learning is called rewindable learning.


  1. Kia ora Daniel,

    Wonderful to hear you are teaching and learning from your peers. It's so powerful to learn from as many people as possible and to value their diverse perspectives!

    When reflecting with the video, what did you realise you did well and what do you need to improve on? Have you set yourself some new goals?

    Mrs Ruffell - Stonefields School

  2. HI Daniel,

    This is a great Reading strategy, as I like the the way you collaborated with your group to learn this strategy. I also like the way you reflected on how you're using Reciprocal reading though your use of rewindable learning. Ka Pai!

  3. Kia ora Daniel,
    I work as a facilitator in a manaiakalani outreach cluster in south Auckland, called Kootuitui ki Papapkura.
    Great reflections on your learning. It is always good to be able to see what we could do better. Do you think you would like to do rewindable learning again?

    1. Hi Maria
      I agree with you, it definitely is good to see what we could do better. If I got the chance, I would like to do the rewindable learning - it helps a lot with my learning. Thanks for the amazing comment.