Wednesday, 13 September 2017

My School

I go to Panmure Bridge school and my favorite thing about Panmure Bridge school is how we are a digital school. It's great how all of the seniors have chrome books and all of the juniors work on iPads to help them with their learning. Going to a school that is part of Manaiakalani is awesome because we can connect with many other students in our area by going on their blogs and commenting on their work. Some of the advantages of using chrome books to learn are being able to delete a mistake easily, being able to spell every work properly and the best thing about being able to use a device is that I can type faster than I would if I used a pen and some paper. I have two favorite subjects at school: Maths and PE. I like maths because it's really challenging and fun when I try to work out the hard questions we sometimes get given. I also like PE because sports is one of my favorite things to do during school time or after school. Some of my favorite sports are: soccer, rugby and touch. 

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