Monday, 10 March 2014

Monday Quick Writes

The most wonderful place I have ever been to is Rainbows end because the rides there are awesome and cool. My favorite ride is the fear fall because you go up in the air slowly and then you come down really fast. The roller coaster was cool to because it can do the loop the loop. When I got off the roller coaster I almost spewed because I was so dizzy. Then I went to the bumper boats. I got wet because when I tried to wet a little kid the water came on me. I like the Dodgems because you can go in a car and you can ram into another person. When I went in a car I crashed into someone else and I lost control of it and the car went wild. When it was dark I had to go home.          

I have two simple sentences and two conjunctions.   

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  1. Great writing Daniel. I like the way you have used different sentences in your writing.