Thursday, 10 April 2014

Our visit To The Panmure Library

The Panmure Library 

Today room 7 went to the Panmure Library. We walked all the way there. When we got to the Library we had to go and sit on mat. Half the class sat on a white and black mat and the other half sat on a red and black mat. We were fairy tribes. Our teachers names were Pare, Juanita, Ole and Kare . The half of the class that sat on the black and red mat had a club (patu) and the other half that sat on the black and white mat had a stick (rakau). We enjoyed practicing with the weapons with our teachers. After that we made a matau out of clay. To make the matau we had to get a necklace and push it in the clay. When it was finally time to go back to school I was really sad we had really great time there. I hope we do it again some time.

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