Friday, 19 September 2014

Why Do Houses Have Windows

Why Do Houses Have Windows
Why do houses have windows? There are a lot of reasons for having windows on your house. Houses have windows so you can look outside. If you look outside your window you can see the mailman coming instead of just going to your mailbox every 15 or 30 minutes to check if the mail is in the mailbox.  

If you are going to the park or somewhere else outside you can look out your window to see if its going to rain. Windows can give you an extraordinary view. If you are in a hotel a tall office building or some other high place you can look out your window and you can see a lot of things like children playing in the park and people walking around with their dogs.

But if you accidentally leave you window open when its raining, rain will come in and drench some of your things. Lots of things like leaves and grass can come in your window if you leave it open and a storm comes. If you have a computer or some other digital device around a open window when its raining the digital device could be ruined and if the digital device is ruined you just wasted a lot of money for that digital device.

If you don’t have windows in your house your house will have no bright sunshine shining into your house, your house will be dark and cold (except if you have electricity). If you open your windows when its sunny you can get light from the sun instead of wasting a lot of money on electricity.

Windows can help you look outside, they can let you have fresh air and they can let you do other things like you can see if it is raining outside. But if you leave windows open during a storm then your stuff or you will get wet. But would you like to live in a house without windows?

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