Monday, 8 May 2017

Similes - Language Features

This is a DLO about a simile (It's as slippery as an Eel). A simile is a sentence that compares two things with as or like. A Eel is very slippery and in this simile, something is as slippery as an Eel. Here are some other similes:
I’m busy as a Bee
It’s as slippery as an Eel
She’s as quick as a Bunny
He’s as blind as a Bat
She’s as wise as an Owl
She’s as happy as a Lark
It’s as slow as a Snail
He’s as stubborn as a Mule
He’s as gentle as a Lamb
You are quiet as a Mouse
He’s as strong as an Ox
I’m as sick as a Dog

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