Wednesday, 17 May 2017

World Of Maths

Yesterday, the senior school went into the hall for a program called World of Maths. World of Maths was run by a man named Charles. First, we were put into groups and given a piece of paper to write our answers in and a pencil. Joseph, Alex and Fui were in my group. Our first activity was called string along. It was my favorite game out of the ones we played. For string along, we had to make string that was on blocks, go from a boy (Who was on one end of the board) to a girl (Who was on the other end). There were two levels on it. The first one was pretty hard, because we had to use all of the thirteen blocks. The second level was even harder. The board was slightly bigger, but we had to use all nineteen blocks. They were hard but we finished it eventually. Some of the other activities my group and I did are: Shadows rule again, king of the road, off the island and pattern play. It was very fun and everyone who participated had a awesome time. 

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