Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Going To Sylis' Birthday

Sleeping Over at Sylis house for his birthday

On Saturday the 19th I went over to my friend Sylis’ house because it was his birthday and I had a sleepover at his house. When I got to Sylis’ house we had a game of soccer. The game was very close but in the end I won 13-14. Sylis was very good and he was a big challenge. After the game the sky started to go dark so we went inside and watched TV until dinner was ready. Dinner was curry with rice, meat and vegetables. Dinner was very hot but was really yummy. After dinner when Sylis’ little brother and sister were asleep we watched some movies in his room. The movie that we watched was called Percy Jackson and the lightning thief. Percy Jackson and the lightning thief was about a boy called Percy Jackson. Percy is the son of the sea god and his uncle the god of the air, his uncle thinks that Percy stole the lightning bolt. His uncle Zeus is very angry because his lightning bolt is very powerful. Percy has to get the lightning bolt quickly or the gods will have war with each other. After watching a movie we went into the lounge and Sylis’ got his colouring in pencils and paper. We both had a competition and when we both finished drawing we went to Sylis’ mum and dad so they can pick the winner. In the end Sylis’ mum said it was a tie and she bought us a sundae each from McDonalds. After eating the sundae we watching a rugby game. It was Warriors vs Broncos. The thing that Sylis and I didn't understand was that the Warriors always get lots of tries in the first half but in the second half they don’t get much tries. In the end the Broncos won and Sylis’ and I went to bed angry because the Warriors didn't win. The next day when Sylis’ family were all at his house we had pizza, chips and fizzy drink. When we got our food we were told to go outside to eat so we didn’t make a mess. Sylis’ and I decided to play a game of soccer while we were eating our pizza. As we played Sylis knocked my pizza out of my hand and then he laughed like it was a big joke. Fifteen minutes later Sylis’ mum told us it was time to cut the cake. When I saw the cake it looked delicious because it had white chocolate and M and Ms in it. When everyone said happy birthday and gave Sylis his presents, Sylis’ Auntie cut the cake into equal pieces. The cake was delicious and very yummy. The cake was so nice that I wanted more but there was only enough for one piece each. When Sylis’ family all left I watched Sylis play on his phone. At three o’clock I went home feeling very happy and tired.       

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