Friday, 4 July 2014

Term 2 Reflection

This term room 7 have learnt a lot of interesting things. Like going to the Botanical gardens was really cool and fun. For the past nine weeks we have been doing lots of hard work. My favorite activities are Maths, Writing and Topic.

In Maths we have been using math games to help us learn. We use E-ako maths, Xtra maths, study ladder and maths buddy. Maths buddy helped me learn about decimals, E-ako maths helped me with my fractions and XtraMaths helped me with my addition, subtraction and Multiplication.   

For writing we have learnt how to elaborate (add detail), make simple sentences, take risks with our words and make a information report. We use the riskometer to see how many risks we are taking. 

In topic we have learnt that if you destroy a animals habitat the animal might die. We have also learnt that if a animal is endangered the animal  is close to extinction. Extinction means that there is no more of that animal. We have learnt that classification is a group of animals. We split our class into different groups and we each had to research about our animal that we got. The animal that my group and I got was fish. We learnt heaps of things about fish and we now know that fish are cold blooded.

My favorite thing in maths is Xtra math because it is fun to do and I learn lots of things. My favorite thing in writing is making a information report because they are interesting and you learn about animals. My favorite thing in topic is doing a classification about a animal because you can find out things that you did not know before.   

I think that this term has gone really fast and it has been a really awesome term.

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