Friday, 8 May 2015

Going To The Zoo

Yesterday on Thursday the 7th of May the whole school except for the year 7 and 8's went to the Zoo. When we got their we headed off to see the animals. The first animal we saw was a Tiger. It walked right past us and roared. It was also really funny because you could see the Tiger's poo in the bush. We looked around for a long time and then the guides came and show us heaps of cool things. I was really interested in the Tiger and Elephant teeth because they looked weird. The Elephant tooth was the most interesting because it was big and wide. My favorite animals are the Rhinoceros, Giraffe, Tiger's, and the Elephant's. Rhinoceros because it had a cool horn, Giraffe because it is really tall, Tiger because it looked really scary and the Elephant because it smashed the watermelon against the rock and then ate it. It was an fabulous day.  

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