Saturday, 22 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey

For this winter learning journey activity, I have to take a picture of myself doing something that I find relaxing. I find reading really relaxing so I decided to take a picture of myself reading. The book I was reading is called John Paul Jones who was a man who fought in the American navy. 


  1. Kia Ora Daniel,

    My name is Telesia and I go to Glenbrae School. I have noticed that you have been commenting on some of the Glenbrae Students blogs. I think that you have commented such positive and lovely comments and I think that it will be fair if we comment on your blog.

    Anyways, I also find that reading is relaxing, also sleeping. When you finish that book what book will you be reading next?

    Keep up the great Work!

    Kind Regards,

  2. Kia ora Daniel,

    It is so nice to see Telesia's comments on your blog site. You always leave really positive and helpful comments on others student's blogs and I know that they appreciate it. I am already looking forward to reading your blog comments this coming summer!

    Thanks for all of your involvement in the programme.

    See you again soon!


    1. Hello Hazel
      Thank you for your kind comment! I am also looking forward to doing some more blog posts and comments during the summer. See you then!