Monday, 4 August 2014

Duffy Theater


Today Duffy theater came to our school. Three people came from the theater to tell us to read, read and read. The people that came from the theater were called Duffy, Rosie and Bingo. Rosie and Duffy were talking about reading books when Duffy said lets sing the Duffy song. After the Duffy song Duffy said my uncle Bingo is coming today. Rosie wanted to give Bingo a book because she was a big fan of Bingo, Bingo is a famous rugby player. When Bingo came to Duffy, Rosie gave him her present. When Rosie said the present was a book Bingo said that he wasn't into books. Duffy thought that his uncle meant that he couldn't read so Duffy said that he will teach his uncle how to read. When Duffy tried to teach his uncle to read his uncle said that he can already read, "how do you think I can read all of the News papers and magazines about me" he said. Then Bingo went to Sydney to play the finals, but on the plane he had to wait four and a half hours he said "what am I going to do in four and a half hours"? So Bingo opened the Rosie's present to him and he read the book that was all about ballerinas. When Bingo played rugby in the finals he danced like a ballerina. Back at his home Duffy said "hey Rosie Bingo read your book because he has knows lots of ballerina moves". Bingo's rugby team won the match because of Bingo and his ballerina moves.    

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