Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Trip To The Museum

Yesterday room seven went to the museum with room 8 and 5. First we went into a room and sat on a mat. One of the museum people told us a bit about migration and when they left there country they brought their culture over here. The museum people let us feel some tapa. The tapa was very interesting to feel and touch because the a museum person told us that it took a long time to make. After that the museum people let us make our own tapas. We didn't have much time to make the tapas because the bus was late to school. All we had to do was put our paper over a bit of patterned wood and rub with a crayon. When we ran out of time we went down the steps to a big map. For the next activity different museum people asked us some questions. The questions were a bit hard and I couldn't remember all of them. Next the museum people gave us two blocks of wood and a bit of string. The trick was that you had to get the string through both bits of wood. The next bit was to drill a hole through a bit of wood. It was hard to keep the drill straight so it didn't come off the bit of wood. Then we got split into two groups so we can do the challenge. The challenge was to keep the drill on for as long as you could. I was in group two. In the first round Sebastian beat Latham and in the second round Phoenix beat Evelyn. Sadly my group lost 0-2. After that we all of the classes went outside to eat our lunch. After lunch my class split up into our groups. I went with my Dad, Latham, Mere and Ofa from room 8. We walked around for a bit but Mere and Ofa wanted to go to the volcano. In the volcano place there was a big fake volcano. We walked around for a bit but Latham wanted to go to the ancient worlds so that we can see the mummy that was there. My favorite place was the armory because it had rifles, pistols, swords, and knifes. Soon we had to go back to school so we went to the entrance to wait for the other groups. When everybody was back at the entrance we went on the bus to go back to school. I thought this trip was going to be boring but it was really cool.

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the trip. The activities were very interesting and it was great we got to touch things that other people couldn't.