Friday, 22 August 2014


For kiwi sport this term we had netball. In our first session we learned how to do a chest pass. We also learnt how to shoot the ball into the hoop. You have to bend your knees and push up to shoot. You also have to pass to your team mate that is not blocked by another player on the other team. Merrin, our teacher, also taught us that if someone on the other team has the ball you have to try and block that person from passing the ball. In the final session we played a real game. We were split into two teams white and black. I was one of the subs that had to wait for Merrin to say that the people that were playing had to swap. I was in the white team. At the end of the match Merrin got out some red bibs out and gave it to the subs then she said "white team off and red team on". After a hard match I think that the red team and the white team had a tie. It was really fun playing netball.  

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