Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Scaring My Dad

Scaring my Dad
On Saturday in my small, green and white house my brothers and I decided to scare my Dad. Our mum was out shopping so we couldn't scare her. We decided to scare our dad when he was sitting on the chair in the living room. We crept down the stairs and with each step the stairs creaked like they were groaning under our weight. I almost got snapped by my dad when I nearly slipped on a toy car, but I just managed to not stand on it. The door slowly opened and my brothers and I screamed BOO! My Dad was so scared that he fell of his chair and we fell over laughing. Later my Dad hid behind us and screamed “Got Ya”! After we got scared by my Dad he said “because you scared me and I scared you we are now even so no more scaring ok”. So we promised not to scare my Dad anymore, but next time I think that I will scare my mum instead of my Dad.  

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