Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Holiday Reading Challenge: Food Glorious Food

Title - Horrible Histories The Stormin' Normans
Author - Terry Deary
Type of book - Non-Fiction and History
Recipe - You need:
Meat, Eggs, Cheese, Pastry

To make:
Boil the meat in a pan of water till it is cooked.
Make pastry and roll it out.
Chop up the meat, beat the eggs and grate the cheese then stir them together.
Make the mixture into balls about the size of apples.
Wrap ball in pastry.
Bake in a hot oven till the pastry is golden brown.

To serve:
Place on a wooded plate and eat with a knife and fingers.  


  1. Hi Daniel,
    I like your recipe because it tells your audience what to do. Maybe next time you should actually bake the recipe.