Monday, 12 October 2015

Holiday Recount

The best movie
In the holidays I went and watched a movie called Pan. I went to a place called Cinema 3 in Pukekohe with my brothers and Grandmother.

The movie was super loud and the advertisements were so long.  Suddenly the movie started. On minute I was sitting on a chair eating a apple and the next a flash of bright light. I was so scared my apple ended up on the floor. Pan was about a little boy called Peter. He lived in a orphanage. The people that looked after the orphans were mean to Peter and the other kids. Peter and the other kids then get kidnapped by pirates! The pirates kidnap lots of children and force all of them to mine for fairy dust. Peter also learns that he can fly because he is the son of a human woman and a fairy prince. He saves the fairies from the evil pirates. I thought Pan was a good movie and it got five stars out of five.The movie was almost two hours long. I think it should be a four and a half stars because I don’t really like fantasy books or movies.

After, when the movie finished we bought a cake each and went to the park. The park was really fun. There is a massive red slide. The slide is fun because you go down really fast. The flying fox was cool too. I went down the hill fast and my hat fell of my head. My brother and also went on one of the footpaths and played handball.

After about 1 hour playing on the park we decided to go back to my Grandmother’s house. By the time we got back it was lunch time so we had chicken and vegetable soup. It was delicious. I felt tired but happy too.

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