Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Holiday Reading Challenge: Sidekick

Did the main character need a sidekick? Yes the main character should need a sidekick to help them.  

What would you have done if you were this person in the story? I would have helped as many people as I could 

Write a paragraph where you as the sidekick, help out the main character:

One cold stormy night a evil villain called Shocker used his new Quaker (A machine that makes earthquakes) on Major city. Everywhere in the city the roads suddenly got massive cracks on them. Several houses collapsed. It was chaos. Meanwhile Super Diaper Baby and I (Captain Super Baby) were flying around struggling to hold up houses while civilians scrambled to safety. I told Super Diaper Baby to go and find who was making this earthquake while I tried to save as many people as I could. Finally the earthquake stopped. The houses stopped falling over and it was very quiet. Later I found out that Super Diaper Baby had found Shocker and stopped his evil machine. The police took his to prison. Many weeks later Major city was as good as new, in fact it was even better! With new buildings and impressive views it quickly became the most popular city in the world.

Title - Super Diaper Baby    
Author - Dav Pilkey
Type of book - Fiction and Action
How you as the sidekick helped out the main character - I helped the main character by helping the civilians while he went to get the bad guy


  1. This is a good addition to the story, I like that you were helping people.

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  3. Hi Daniel,
    I love your beginning because it hooks your audience in your paragraph story.