Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Warrior's Visit

Today two of the warrior's came to Panmure bridge school to talk to us about some things. They talked about hydration, belonging and sleep. Hydration is when you drink water, when we talked about belonging we had to think of a group that we belonged to, and finally they talked about sleep. I also found out that the reason my parents stay up longer than me is because they only need eight hours sleep when we need at least eleven hours sleep. We have to have a full night's sleep or we can't think properly or play a sport. Ryan Hoffman and John Palavi were the warrior's that visited us. Alice from DTR and Georgia who represents the warrior's was also there.  After the introductions, we had a team trivia (Quiz) where the left side of the hall competed against the right. People who got answers correct either got a water bottle or a swimming bag. My friend Latham luckily got a water bottle for his prize. I would also like to thank DTR for getting Ryan Hoffman and John Palavi to come. I reckon that everyone had a great time because I know I did, which was all thanks to the hardworking people at DTR. 

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  1. This assembly was a lot of fun and was a great way to get an important message across. Glad you enjoyed it :)