Thursday, 25 August 2016

Magic Box Poem

For this task I had to write a poem about what I would put in a magic box. I worked with Lyndon on this task. We came up with twelve things that we would put in our magic box. We then wrote what we wanted our box to be made out of. It was very fun because we used our creativity skills to complete this task. 

I will put into the box
A soft, delicate leaf from the tallest tree, which lives by
itself on a island at the end of the world.
A unbreakable shard of ice taken from the core of the Earth.
I will put into the box
All of the four elements, air, fire, water and earth
Dusty dinosaur bones from 66 million years ago
The clicking sound of a computer mouse

I will put into the box
Silver shiny shoes, polished till they sparkled
The loud noise of lego crashing together
The fiery flame burning in the fireplace.

I will put into the box
The specter of a long gone King
The sour and tangy taste of a orange
A shredded piece of fabric from a traveler's cloak

My box is fashioned panes of glass and crystal clear diamonds and pure gold, with brass on the lid and gems in the corners.

Its hinges are made out of saber-tooth tiger bones

I shall wander in my box
For it is like a black hole,
With plenty of space for many things to put in it,
Endless and never ending,
Going on and on and on…


  1. What a fabulous poem Daniel! You have painted a very clear picture with your words. I really like the line 'A shredded piece of fabric from a traveler's cloak.' It me think of my own travels :)

  2. Thank you Mrs Anderson. I read a book about this boy who inherited a cloak from his friend, which is where I got the idea from.