Friday, 12 August 2016

Olympic Comparison

We have been learning to consider both sides of a provocation so that we can make so that we can make a informed opinion. Mrs Anderson asked us to think about the two different points of view (Or opinions) and not just one (Our two points of view are yes, countries should spend money on the olympics and no, they shouldn't). To make our informed opinion we also had to think about how else Rio could use the $1.2 billion they spent. My DLO shows what I thought, a picture of what the 1984 Sarajevo olympic ski jump event used to look like and what it looks like in 2011.


  1. Well done with comparing before and after olympics. Hope you learn something out of it.

  2. Thanks Mrs Naicker. It was weird comparing what the Olympics looked like when they were being used and what they looked like now.