Thursday, 11 August 2016

Run Jump Throw

Today the year sevens and eights went to run jump throw together. We did a combined session because our coach couldn't stay long enough to coach us desperately. First we played a game of octopus, I was one of the taggers. It was very hard to catch someone when forty people are charging at you.  Next, we learnt about different starts. There are two, one for when you are sprinting and one for when you are doing longer distance running. When we practiced sprinting, we started one step away from the yellow line on the court and when our coach said get ready we took one step forward. When she said get set, we bent both of our knees and when she said go, everyone ran for the other side of the courts as fast as they could. Andy (Our coach) also taught us to not look at her but straight ahead otherwise we would slow down or crash into someone. 

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