Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey

For this winter learning journey I have to think about what sport I would add to the para Olympics if I could. I would add either wheelchair handball or wheelchair squash because they are great games and I think even people with disabilities could do them. Though I like squash better and I think it would be easier to play than handball. Here is a example of people playing squash:
Sport: Wheelchair squash
How to play: Hit the ball with a racket above the bottom line but below the bottom line. 
Three rules: 
1: You need two people
2: You need a proper squash court
3: You can hit the walls to the side too, but not the one behind you 


  1. Hi Daniel
    I have just read through your Winter Learning Journey posts. I can see from the information you are including in your responses that you are thinking carefully about what the the questions are asking you to do. I really liked your post about which para-cycling and who you would get to help you. I think choosing your Dad is a great choice too! Keep up the great work.
    Mrs A :)

  2. Hi Mrs Anderson
    Thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog, I choose my dad, who would you chose?

  3. Hi Daniel
    If I was doing the para-cycling I would choose my brother because he does triathlons and he is a really strong cyclist. He would also be great at motivating me to keep going and push myself harder.
    Mrs A

  4. Hi Mrs A and Daniel,

    It is such a pleasure to read through your blog comments and to see you discussing who would choose as your tandem cycling partner. It sounds like you both have great people in your family with whom you could 'team up.' That's great! I, too, would choose someone from my family - either Aronui as I indicated in the activity or my sister, Leigh. She is tall (6 feet tall), strong and incredibly fit. She is also really funny and she would make me laugh and ensure that we had fun while we raced.

    When I used to teach health and PE we actually tried tandem cycling with some of our classes and everyone loved it. It was a huge challenge (it's much harder than it looks) but it taught everyone to work together, pull together and support one another. It's too bad that we don't have access to bikes here or else we could 'give it a go!'