Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey

For this winter learning activity I had to imagine that I was alive during 1936 when a 13 year old girl called Marjorie Gestring won a gold medal in the Olympics (Her event was spring board diving). I also had to pretend that I was interview her and I had to write down five questions that I would ask her. 
Question 1: Why did you chose spring board diving?
Question 2: How did you feel when you won the gold?
Question 3: Aren't you to young to compete?
Question 4: Is spring board diving something you really like to do?
Question 5: How many people did you beat?

1 comment:

  1. Hi Daniel,

    These are great questions for Marjorie. I am particularly interested in question #3 as I was thinking the same thing. I would imagine that she was too young to enter the Olympics at 13 years of age, however, this was clearly within the rules at the time. I wonder how young the youngest athlete will be in Rio this year? Do you think that there will be anyone as young as Marjorie competing?

    Keep up the great work, Daniel! (I also wanted to compliment you on your commenting. You are leaving very positive and thoughtful comments on the blog sites of your school mates. Well done!)

    Cheers, Rachel