Thursday, 26 January 2017

Summer Learning Journey

For this summer learning journey task, I have to create my own digital footprint. I have to include my name and the name of the country I am visiting. (I'm not the best drawer, so it might look a bit weird.)


  1. Hi Daniel,

    None of us are great drawers, particularly when it comes to using a computer but I think that you've down a nice job. It looks like a foot (and you've included the correct number of toes which is always a bonus)! The first time that I drew my foot I only included four toes and Aronui (my son) had to point it out to me. Oops :)

    Oh, well. We all make mistakes sometimes, don't we The important thing is that we recognise our mistakes and we do what we can to fix them!


  2. Hi Daniel,

    I love your footprint!! You must have worked hard to create such a realistic-looking shape!!

    I'm so glad that you're interested in visiting Canada! I live in Ontario which is in the middle of the country. Canada is so very big that it's hard to describe it in a few words. Perhaps one day you'll have a chance to come and see it for yourself!