Thursday, 26 January 2017

Summer Learning Journey

For this summer learning journey task, I have to imagine that I have been asked to host a visitor from another country. I would take them to these three places: Rainbow's End, Auckland Sky Tower and to the Southern Alps. Rainbow's End because it's a great theme park and I always have fun there. The Auckland Sky Tower because of the amazing view at the top (Where you can look out the glass). I would also like to take them to the Southern Alps because climbing a mountain would be a amazing experience. 

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  1. Hi Daniel,

    Great choices! I was just writing to Alex about this exact activity and telling him that I'm planning to head to the Sky Tower soon with Aronui (my son). He likes to 'take me out' for my birthday. He's only 6 so, of course, I pay but it's fun! We typically go out for 'high tea' at the Orbit 360 restaurant at the top of the Sky Tower. It rotates around in a circle so you get to see the entire city of Auckland from your table.

    I was encouraging Alex to have you guys make your mom a homemade version of high tea. It's actually really easy to do and I'm sure that she'd love it! It just involves making her a cup of tea and then preparing some sandwiches (cut into small pieces), some scones or muffins (cut into small pieces) and some savoury things like sausage rolls (cut into small pieces). Basically you just make a miniature lunch!

    Here's a link for a picture of a classic high tea:

    The tradition started in England (where Alex is visiting for the SLJ)...

    Rachel :)