Thursday, 26 January 2017

Summer Learning Journey

For this summer learning journey activity, I have to think about the two things that I learnt from my travels. I learnt that Canada is a very interesting place with lots of awesome landmarks (Natural and man-made). It also has its own unique foods that are special to them. 

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  1. Hi Daniel,

    You're absolutely right - Canada does have a number of interesting landmarks, including the CN Tower and Niagara Falls. We (Canadians) also like to eat some strange foods like poutine and maple-flavoured bacon. Would you say that there are any unusual foods that are common for kiwis? As a recent immigrant to New Zealand, I must admit that I find the idea of Vegemite and/or Marmite to be incredibly strange. I still can't quite figure out why people eat them...

    What do you think might be another example of a strange 'kiwi' food item?

    Rachel :)