Saturday, 17 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey

For this summer learning journey activity I have to write a letter to a friend or family member to tell them that I am going to visit a country of my choice. In my letter, I have to tell them where I am going, why I have decided to go to that particular country and how long I will be away. I can also invite them, if I like.

Dear Mum
I am going to a country called Canada in two weeks time. I decided to go there because it seems like a very interesting country. I will be away for 5 days and I am wondering if you could come with me. It would be a cool and interesting experience to visit a country you have never seen before.



  1. Hello Daniel, your speech is well written. It would be great if you could comment on my Summer Learning Journey blog posts. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hi Daniel, I think your letter was great. I like how you have invited your mum to your trip. Keep up the brilliant work.

  3. Great spelling and punctuation Daniel, I'm really impressed! It was nice of you to think of inviting your Mum too. I know my Mum would love to visit Canada one day!

    Canada is all the way on the other side of the world, so 5 days might not quite be enough time to see everything you want to... Maybe you could stay a little longer?

    I agree, Canada certainly does seem like an interesting country. What do you think makes it so interesting? Would your Mum find it interesting?

    Happy blogging :-)

  4. Hello Daniel your speech is very awesome to read and is really well written just what AJ has said. I like you have started with Dear Mum. Great Job. Keep on the great work!!!

  5. hello Daniel,

    Your letter to your mum was very nice and simple, also nice to see you inviting your mum to join your adventure in Canada. Nice Job.