Thursday, 22 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey

For this activity I have to write a short paragraph describing my sporting hero. My sporting hero is Lionel Messi. I like him because he is a great soccer player and if his team loses, he doesn't moan or complain.


  1. Hello Daniel, I like how you have gave interesting reasons why Lionel Messi is your sporting hero. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hi Daniel, Lionel Messi is also my sporting hero. I like how you have given reasons on why he is your sporting hero. I think he is a great Soccer player, keep up the great work.

  3. Hi Daniel,

    I really like the reasons that you have given for citing Lionel Messi as your sporting hero. Sometimes our most elite athletes can become a bit too confident and too accustomed to getting their own way and grow angry or frustrated when they don't win. Fortunately, Lionel is an excellent example of someone with incredible skill and ability who doesn't feel the need to put on a show or act in a really dramatic manner when things don't go his way. He's a class act, isn't he?

    Do you get to watch Messi play much on TV? I only recently got Sky TV and am now able to watch a few games but prior to that I wasn't able to watch any international soccer matches. It's nice to now have the opinion to tune in (although I have to admit that I rarely do as I'd rather be outside playing soccer or basketball with my son, Aronui)!

    Bye for now :)