Sunday, 18 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey

For this summer learning journey activity, I created a word cloud on the things I am going to take with me on the plane. I was supposed to use this site called wordle but it is not working so I used Tagul.


  1. Hello Daniel, I also used Tagul and I also used a image of a plane. Your words on the plane is quite hard to see so maybe you should of made it a little bit darker.

  2. Hi Daniel I like the words you have put on the things you would to on a plane. Your words are very amazing. I think Rachel will like it as well. Keep on the great work!!!

  3. Hello Daniel, I really like your plane made out of words. I also like colours you have chosen. Maybe you could make the font bigger so it's more clear. Keep up the great posting.

  4. Hi Daniel,

    What a great idea to make this in to the shape of a plane! It really goes with the theme of your Summer Learning Journey well. Although the colours are a little bit tricky to see when the words are smaller, I do like how bright and colourful it is. Red is one of Canada's main colours too, well done!

    I like how the biggest word is JUMPER in your Tagul, that shows us all how important it is to pack one when you're going to Canada.

    P.S. Great thinking to use Tagul when you had trouble using Wordle. That's a clever way of solving the problem by yourself!