Friday, 23 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey

For this activity, I have to decide what two musicians/bands I would invite to perform at WOMAD (World of music, arts and dance. I would take The Rolling Stones and Queen. They are both English bands and The Rolling Stones have been together for more than 50 years.


  1. Hello Daniel, maybe you should of gave some reasons why you decided to invite The Rolling Stones and Queen. Keep on working hard.

  2. Hey Daniel
    Just like what AJ said maybe you should give some reasons on why you decided to invite The Rolling Stones and Queen. You have done a great work by the way!

  3. Hello Daniel, I like how you have invited a band from New Zealand. It would be great if you told a little bit about Queen. Keep up the great work.

  4. Hey Daniel
    Great blog post you did and nice effect you put in every blog post you did on you blog

  5. Hi Daniel
    Those two bands sound interesting, they must be really close to have stayed together for 50 years.

  6. hello there Daniel,

    It's me Von. Hey it's so great to see you busy posting on other students blog and thank you for commenting on my blog but it would be great to see you finishing off the other task you have not completed.

    Thanks for your comments!

  7. Hi Daniel,

    Good choices for your WOMAD bands! I love both groups and think that they would be very well received at WOMAD. It is too bad that Queen no longer has their front man, Freddie Mercury, isn't it? He was such an incredible performer. I can still remember watching footage of him perform at the LIVE AID tribute show in 1985. It was a huge concert held at Wembley Stadium in England.

    If you're interested in watching it, here is a clip from their performance:


  8. Hi Daniel, I agree with AJ. You should add some more reasons on why you would choose Rolling Stones and Queen. I never knew a band that was together for 50 years but I feel like you should add some more reasons. Keep up the great work!