Thursday, 22 December 2016

Summer Learning Journey

For this activity, I have to write about my favorite television show. My favorite is probably The Flash because it is about a ordinary guy who gets powers after a accident. The persons name is Barry Allen and he helps out people with his super powers. In almost every episode he fights a new evil villain and manages to defeat the evil person.


  1. Hello Daniel, there is a sentence that doesn't make sense so you should double check your work before you publish it. Keep on working hard.

  2. Hey Daniel
    I like how you explainied why you like flash. I like flash. It is a very cool television show. I like how you wrote the real name of flash. Good job. Keep it up!!

  3. Hello Daniel, The Flash is also my favourite TV Show. My favourite season was season 2. Keep up the great work.

  4. Hi Daniel!

    I have heard that The Flash is a really entertaining television show. My son, Aronui, would love it as he is completely obsessed with superheroes at the moment. I think that he would enjoy watching The Flash fight the evil villains and defeat them at their own game!

    For Christmas I actually bought Aronui a new Avengers duvet for his bed and a new Batman poster for his wall. He was so excited! He has already put the poster up and he sleeps underneath the duvet every night. He also asks me to read him his Batman books at night. I didn't grow up playing with superhero action figures but, I have to admit, that I really like playing with them now that Aronui has a set. They're quite cool...

    All the best,


  5. Hi Daniel
    I always loved Watching Flash If you Remember if someone needs help then the Flash would come and help them.

    1. Hi Chavda!

      It's great to see you posting comments and encouraging us to remember The Flash. I really like the idea that there is someone out there who can come and help you whenever you need it. I wish that there was a 'Flash' in real life!

      I love to see you commenting - keep it up!

      Rachel :)