Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Summer Blogging

For this activity I have to list three things that you will need to do when to stay safe on a plane. 

Number 1: Store loose items away (Like in you overhead locker)

Number 2: Put your seat belt on and keep it on 

Number 3: When your plane is in danger, reach down to the bottom of your seat and get the life jacket there. 

1 comment:

  1. I love to see that you watched the Men in Black video and carefully recalled three important facts. Well done!

    I must admit that I always put my seatbelt on as soon as I get onto the plane and I usually leave it strapped up the entire time unless I am trying to sleep. I can remember being on a plane from Singapore to Auckland over night one year and having the entire row of seats to myself. It was bliss! I was able to stretch out and sleep the entire way.

    Unfortunately, I have not been so lucky in recent years and I've had to sit upright the entire time and try to get some sleep while sitting. It's not easy! Can you sleep sitting up?

    I have a friend who can sleep absolutely anywhere. He falls asleep in the movie theatre, in the car, at the beach, sitting at the dinner table, etc.

    Well, speaking of the dinner table, I better head away as I have to pick my son up from school and take him home for dinner. I will look forward to hopping back online this evening to continue reading your awesome blogs and sending you some comments.

    I really am so happy that you're blogging so much. You are doing a wonderful job.