Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Summer Blogging

For this activity I have to find a friend or family and ask them what their five favorite things to do in the summertime are. The person that I asked is one of my friends called AJ. 

Number 1: Celebrating his birthday (which is in the summer)
Number 2: Go to the pools
Number 3: Hang out with my friends
Number 4: Watch a movie
Number 5: Going to the Library


  1. Hi Daniel,

    Firstly, I would love to wish AJ a very happy birthday. has his birthday already passed? I hope that he had a great day, if it has. I also hope that he has had plenty of opportunity to go to the pools, hang out with friends, watch movies and go to the library. I've heard that the Panmure library is great! I would love to spend some more time there next year.

    I have also heard that the library has a special reading programme over summer called 'Dare to Explore.' From what I understand, the programme has now finished but it sounds interesting. Have you ever heard of it? I might sign Aronui up for it next year.

    I am also hoping to get to the pools with Aronui this week-end and to go a movie at the local cinema. Reading Cinemas just opened up at LynnMall and the movie tickets are only $10 per person so it's a pretty good deal.

    Are you a fan of going to the movies? If so, what kind of movies do you like to see? I quite like movies that are based on true stories. I find them really interesting. What about you?

    Looking forward to reading your response whenever you have time to reply!


  2. Hi Rachel
    I really like movies with a lot of action and adventure. I don't really like boring movies with lots of talking.


  3. Hi Daniel,

    What is your favourite action movie? My son, Aronui, also loves action movies. I'd love to read any recommendations that you might have for good movies.

    Rachel :)