Thursday, 21 January 2016

Summer Blogging

Today, for this activity I have to imagine I have $1 000 000 and I have decided to start my own airline right here in New Zealand.

This is my logo for my airline called: NZ Flight. I hope no airline already has that name though. 


  1. That a cool logo! No one has chosen the same name as you so yours is definitely an original. I haven't seen any other logos that use the yellow and orange colours, either, so yours is quite unique in that way as well.

    What was the inspiration behind your logo? Are you thinking that your airline will fly across the entire country or will it just fly to and from certain cities? Other students have chosen to make up airlines that only fly in the north island or only fly to the Pacific Islands.

    I'd love to know where NZ Flight will fly. What are your thoughts?

    I'll check back in tomorrow to see if you've had a chance to reply.



  2. Hi Rachel
    I think my airline will go to every city in the world (If I can) because people will get to travel to many different places.

    Thanks, Daniel

  3. Hi Daniel,

    I think that that is a great idea!